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Are you missing a tooth? Do you want to restore the full smile you once had? Here at Dental 32 Fresh Smiles in Ashburn, VA, our experienced staff and dental implant surgeon, Dr. Vogtel Ninh, are ready to give you the treatment you’ve been waiting for. Dr. Ninh specializes in oral maxillofacial surgery and has spent years studying some of the best techniques to give you fabulous dental implants and a natural smile. Call our Ashburn Dental office (703) 672-1121 or visit contact us online to learn more about our dental implant cosmetic procedures!


Dental Implants are a high-quality way of replacing missing teeth. It’s the closest thing there is to a natural tooth replacement. Our implants are biocompatible and made out of strong titanium to last you a lifetime. Once placed into the underlying bone, our dental implant surgeon will position a crown over the top of your implants. This crown acts as your new tooth!


There are many reasons you might need to be seen by our dentist for dental implants. In general, implants may be right if you:

  1. Have missing teeth/ missing tooth root
  2. Have a fully-grown jawbone
  3. Have strong bones to secure implants
  4. Maintain a healthy gum line
  5. Have trouble wearing dentures
  6. Are looking to improve your speech
  7. Avoid smoking tobacco products

Just about anyone can be a candidate for implant dentistry. Unless you suffer from osteoporosis, there is little that prevents you from this procedure. It ultimately depends on how much bone is available in the missing tooth area to determine if patients are eligible to receive dental implants. If you have good bones, you’re good to go! Our dental implant surgeon, Dr. Ninh, would be more than happy to schedule a consultation and see if you qualify. If you need a dental implant procedure, we have a solution.

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Consultation and Prep Work

You can achieve your perfect smile in as little as one week. From the time of your first visit, our dentist takes 3D x-rays and work with a lab technician to create an effective surgical plan. We also work to perfect the proper placement of implants in the most stable areas while avoiding vital structures such as nerves and sinuses so that you can smile comfortably.

The Procedure

On the day of your surgery, depending on how many teeth need to be placed, you will experience a relatively short surgical procedure. Thanks to the planning of implants that is done ahead of time, we would expect your dental implant surgery will last around an hour and a half. This even includes the time to get numbed! All our treatments are done with local anesthesia, which means there is little to no pain. Most patients can expect there to be maybe a few days of soreness after the procedure, which is usually mitigated with the help of pain medications. Our team wants to ensure the healing process is as comfortable as possible.

Taking Care of Your Implants

Implants should be cared for just like your natural teeth. Unlike dental bridges, implants are much easier to maintain as they don’t depend on adjacent teeth for support and are much easier to brush and floss in between. This easy maintenance is designed to promote dental hygiene and increase the life of your implants. It is important to remember that, while implants don’t experience tooth decay, they are still susceptible to gum disease and bone loss. Without healthy bone to support the implants, they are at risk for mobility and eventual loss.

To avoid these risks, practice good oral care habits and schedule regular teeth cleanings and you will see the benefits of your new smile for years to come!

Ready for the Smile of Your Dreams?

At Dental 32 Fresh Smiles, our dentist works hard to provide you the smile you deserve. Dental implants offer an affordable, long-lasting solution you can’t beat. You deserve your best smile, call our office in Ashburn, VA at (703) 672-1121 or schedule an appointment online and start your journey today!

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