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Need a dentist on Saturday or Sunday? We have you covered.

Most people work during normal business hours between Monday and Friday. With all the responsibilities you have in the workplace, it can be really difficult to make time to visit your dentist. It is sometimes near impossible to come into our office without taking precious time off. We understand. Dental 32 Fresh Smiles offers weekend hours to give you some flexibility and make it more convenient to put your oral health first. As a dentist open on Saturdays and Sundays, Dr. Vogtle Ninh is proud to provide the treatment you need and deserve in a timeframe that keeps your employer happy.

Our team offers a full suite of weekend dental care options, including teeth extractions, dental crowns, wisdom teeth treatments, root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, and so much more. Request an appointment with our dentist for Saturday or Sunday by calling our office in Ashburn (703-672-1121) or contacting us online today!


Dental 32 Fresh Smiles appreciates that unexpected things can happen at any time and on any day of the week. It would be lovely is the weekends were immune from all kinds of catastrophes, but a dental emergency can even occur on Saturdays and Sundays. Since toothaches and other oral health problems do not take the weekends off, our staff offers emergency dental care every day as well. You do not deserve to suffer from untreated oral discomfort for two whole days. We have the experience and the technology to get you out of pain fast. So, when you stumble into a dental emergency and need to see a weekend dentist as soon as possible, reach out. The Dental 32 Fresh Smiles team is ready to help.


Dr. Ninh is a weekend dentist because he wants what is best for his patients. Our entire approach to dentistry revolves around your best interests. That is why Dental 32 Fresh Smile offers our full range of procedures during our weekend dental service. When you need a dentist open on Saturday because of a mishap at a recreational sport, we want to be there. If you need a dentist open on Sunday because that is the only couple of free hours your family has available for weeks, we would be happy to accommodate you. You determine our Saturday hours by letting us know what times work for you. A Sunday dentist can be especially difficult to find, so you just tell us what you need our Sunday hours to be. We will make it happen.

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