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Every once in a while, a tooth is non-restorable. When this happens, our dentist will recommend performing a dental extraction and replacement. Our team understands that you may be experiencing extreme toothaches when this happens and will do everything we can to quickly and effectively elevate your severe pain, including scheduling you for an emergency, same-day, or even a weekend appointment. We’ll provide you with the best quality care using cutting-edge technology and dental practices. Our goal is to have you feeling better and smiling again as soon as possible. Call our dental office in Ashburn (703.672.1121) or schedule your appointment online today!


Our dentist, Dr. Ninh, is going to do everything he can to save your natural teeth. However, sometime it because unavoidable and we have to perform a dental extraction. We might have to remove your tooth for an assortment of reasons and problems including:

  1. Excessive Tooth Decay
  2. Severe Infection or Disease
  3. Major Cracks in Your Tooth
  4. Serious Damage to Your Teeth
  5. Impacted or Overcrowded Teeth Including Wisdom Teeth

There are also a number of warning signs and symptoms that you should be on the lookout for such as:

  1. Loose Teeth
  2. Intense Toothaches
  3. Stiff or Painful Jaws
  4. Swollen Gums
  5. Gums that Bleed Easily
  6. Gum Disease
  7. Dental Abscesses

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact our dental office as soon as possible. If we can catch and treat the problem early enough, we may be able to save your natural smile and avoid a tooth removal.


Emergency ExtractionOnly after our team has exhausted all other options to save your tooth will Dr. Ninh recommend a tooth removal. Our dentist will start by completely a comprehensive examination of the area. He will then design a customized treatment plan for your unique situation.

All our treatments are done with gentle care and patients are thoroughly numbed before the procedure begins to ensure they stay comfortable throughout the procedure. The most you are likely to feel may be some pressure as we work to remove a tooth. Before administrating the local anesthetic, we will pre-numb the area with a topical anesthetic, which helps to make our shots as painless as possible!

Depending on your individual case, Dr. Ninh may recommend either a simple tooth removal or a surgical tooth extraction.

Simple Dental Extractions

Simple tooth removals are often done the same day. After the surrounding area has been properly numbed, Dr. Ninh will use specialized dental instruments to loosen and remove the tooth. He will then sterilize and clean the area and cover the section where the tooth was removed with gauze to help make sure the surrounding gums heal properly and prevent infections.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

Surgical tooth extractions are a slightly more complicated procedure. They involve the removal of gum tissue, jaw bone, or possibly both. This option is used when the tooth cannot be easily accessed, if it hasn’t fully erupted, or if the tooth was broken below your gum line. While other practices may have to refer you to someone else, Dr. Ninh is a trained oral surgeon who can perform your surgical tooth extraction at our office in Ashburn.

Ready to Keep Your Smile Healthy?

Delaying your tooth extraction is only going to cause you more pain and potentially cause further damage to your smile. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Ninh and the team at Dental 32 Fresh Smiles in Ashburn, VA today!


Post-Op Care

The healing process varies from person to person, but on average patients can usually expect to be sore after a dental extraction for about 3 days. During that time, we ask that patients follow a list of post op instructions and take the prescribed pain meds to help them manage the pain during the recovery period. We also usually recommend patients take time off from work for a few days to recover after their tooth extraction before resuming their normal activities. We will provide work notes for our patients who wish to take a few days off. Some bleeding and swelling is also normal following your tooth removal. It can then take weeks to about a month for the extraction area to close up and fill with bone.

Implant Dentist in Ashburn VAReplacing Your Tooth

After your tooth removal procedure, we generally recommend you replace your missing teeth with dental implants. This involves a titanium dental implant being placed where your tooth was extracted. After it has had time to heal, a crown that is shaped just like the original tooth is placed over the implant. This is currently the best and most natural feeling option we offer for tooth replacements.


At Dental 32 Fresh Smiles, our team wants to do everything we can to make sure you can receive the treatments you need when you need them. This includes helping to make sure you can afford your treatments. Most dental insurance providers will cover at least a portion of our procedure. If you don’t have insurance, our staff can work with you to come up with an affordable dental extraction financing plan. We also offer in-house insurance plans to help you cover a variety of dental procedures.

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