Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Maybe you remember your younger days when dental issues were not taken seriously as a parent. You might remember having problems with your teeth and gum. Today, you will be behind the current and future trend of having family dentistry services. There are excellent reasons for that – as we shall explain below. But first, let’s start with what family dentistry means before we look at the benefits of having this kind of arrangement for your family.

Family Dentistry Defined

A family dentist is a dental practitioner who treats dental issues of all ages, from parents like you to your kids, whether infants or teenagers. Such a family dentist offers a broad spectrum of dental services. These services include dental examinations, checkups, cleaning, x-rays, fillings, sealants, fluoride treatments, and so on.

You love your family, and you don’t want them to go through what you went through in days gone by. But, today, you need competent and professional dentistry for the entire family. And this is not just for a day or two, but lifelong. These kinds of services will not only maintain your family’s dental health but also improve that aspect of your family’s health for many, many years to come.

Consider some of these benefits as outlined below:

Family Dentistry Benefits

It Eliminates Dental Anxiety

Maybe the first time you booked an appointment with a dentist, you were anxious; it’s called dental phobia and anxiety. That phobia is typical, especially given the assortment of tools that dentists use in their work- they look scary – but they are not.

However, dental phobia and anxiety often result in avoidance or delayed dental treatment. This behavior only complicates the dental problems that you or a family member has. But, there is strength and comfort in numbers; when your family members go through dental screening as a team, they strengthen and comfort one another.

You might have noticed that many people, especially kids, develop this anxiety early. But all is not lost. You can help overcome this challenge by engaging the services of a family dentist. As a result, your kids will be more confident, comfortable, and receptive when they see mom and dad going through the same procedure.

Of course, this confidence will help them throughout their lives as they will be more comfortable with other dentists for the days they live. For this reason, you will be laying a foundation for them to have regular dental checkups even after they leave the comfort of your parental care.

It Is Convenient

It is impossible to ignore the convenience of having a dependable dentist for the family. Think of it this way. If you have five members in your household and book individual appointments with a dentist for each member, you end up with five different appointments. That kind of practice is time-consuming.

Having dentistry for the entire family solves this problem. When you hire the services of a family dentist, you can book one appointment for the whole family. Doing so saves you time; you’ll not have to leave your work on various days to take your young ones to a pediatric dentist and your teens to another dentist. Besides, having a family dentist allows you to bargain for more affordable rates.

A Family Dentist Implies Having a Lasting Relationship

Nothing can be better than having a meaningful family relationship with a medical practitioner, more so a dentist. The reasons are clear. Trust between you and your dentist is vital. It becomes easy to communicate openly and honestly when trust between the two parties. When there is this kind of trust, you are ready and free to pour out the details asked by the dentist.

Accurate details mean the dentist finds it easy to diagnose the symptoms accurately. There is no better way of getting the right treatment than having the expert have the right information. The trust you develop over time with your family dentist allows you to give the fine details of your family’s dental-related issues.

Family Dentist Becomes Familiar with Your Family Dental History

Some medical, and in this case, dental issues are inherited. So when you get the services of dentistry for the entire family, you open the opportunity for the dentist to know, understand and treat family-related dental problems.

The dental expert will know and understand past dental issues. Challenges such as dental surgeries, diseases, sensitivities, or allergies will be on the record, and the family dentist will know how to deal with them. For instance, if you have been treated for orthodontic issues, it will be easy for the dentist to diagnose and treat your kids for the same problem.

Your Family Gets Regular and Consistent Services

Effective oral and dental care means you and your entire family have appointments with your family dentist at least twice a year. During these visits, your family undergoes preventive dental checkups and cleaning.

When you have a consistent dentist attending to your family’s dental needs every time, you are sure to get consistent services in every visit.

Preventive Care

Your family dentist is a specialist in diverse dental fields for folks across the age spectrum. Your kids will always need special care because their teeth are still developing. A credible family dentist will teach your young ones preventive practices to help them keep their teeth healthy as they grow up.

Besides, if at some point your kids need preventive services that they can handle, such as teeth alignment, your family dentist will be there to do it.

Emergency Services

Oral emergencies do come up. For example, imagine your child experiences a knocked out or chipped tooth in or around Ashburn, VA; what you need is emergency dentist services. But when you have a family dentist like Dental 32 Fresh, Smiles, you don’t have to panic. Your dental expert is always ready to show up at any time – 24/7.

You need to call your dentist and book an immediate appointment. This expert is always ready and willing to answer such emergencies.

In Summary

When you have a reliable and credible family dentist in Ashburn, VA, you will have peace of mind – as far as dental health is concerned. Besides the benefits highlighted above, you will also get meaningful education and updates about oral health care from one of the leading oral health practitioners in this region.

Don’t forget; your health depends on your diet. Your diet depends on what you eat. Of course, poor dental health means poor eating; Beyond your health, there is the priceless value of a beautiful smile. In all these, your teeth have a critical role to play. Now, you have the facts.

You know the fantastic benefits of having a family dentist in Ashburn, VA, so as you look for one, give us a call or visit us at and book an appointment now. We are always ready and happy to offer our professional dentistry to the entire family.